Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our I-Team Report From Ferguson, MO Continues

.....Thank you, Longfellow Loon for that report. It's true, Innocent, unarmed teenager Michael Brown was murdered by racist cop Darren Wilson....

Oh, this just in. Unarmed teenager Michael Brown has been captured on video robbing a convenience store just moments before his encounter with Officer Darren Wilson.

Back to the story.

Michael Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were JUST WALKING, when out-of-control, racist cop suddenly stopped his police car, ordering Brown to get on his knees. While the unarmed teenager complied, the insane cop shot him in the back several times.....

Oh, this just in. Several witnesses agree with the policeman's account. The 'unarmed teenager' attacked Officer Wilson, seriously injuring him. Then, the teenager charged the officer a second time, resulting in the fatal shooting.

According to three different coroners, none of the bullets entered Brown in the back. This contradicts Dorian Johnson's account.

Back to the story.

Now, protesters are demanding the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson for murdering the unarmed Black teenager.

Oh, this just in....

Looters are robbing businesses all over the neighborhood, and smashing store windows Now, they're 'liberating merchandise'. The Obama media deliberately lied about the facts of this incident. Now, they stick news cameras in the faces of the police.

Oh, this just in. The police are on-edge. They get no support from the hapless Governor, Jay Nixon.

Oh great, here comes The Black Panthers to ease tensions. Welcome to Obama's America.

That's it. I'm coming home. This is your bushy-tailed correspondent, reporting from Ferguson.

Quick, get in the van.

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