Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our I-Team Reports From Ferguson, MO

Earlier this month, The Obama media told us that unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown was viciously gunned-down by White cop Darren Wilson.

According to early news accounts, Brown was just walking around the neighborhood with his friend, when an out-of-control, white officer ordered Brown to get on his knees and put his hands on his head. As the teenager complied, Wilson shot him in the back at least 9 times, killing him.

That's what the Obama media told us.

Now, we're learning that Brown ATTACKED and seriously injured Offiver Darren Wilson after committing  robbery just minutes before.

Right now, President Obama is trafficking diseased, violent illegal aliens all over the country, but everybody is distracted by the story in Ferguson. We are hearing and reading about the possibility that bloodthirsty terrorists are getting ready to attack America, but The Obama media believes that story will be bad for Dear Leader's image.

There's also a vast array of crimes committed by Obama Administration officials that we're not talking about because Dear Leader's media wants to change the narrative.

We may have a possible, widespread outbreak of Ebola in America, but that story too can wait. To The Obama media, this story is MORE important.

So, we thought we'd get into the act. We have sent our resident loony lib correspondent, Longfellow Loon, who attended Michael Brown's funeral....


Thank you, Squirrely!!!

Yes, on August 9, Michael Brown was mercilessly gunned down by racist White cop Darren Wilson. I attended the funeral, and was MOVED TO TEARS when the minister compared the murder of Michael to the crucifixion of Jebus!!!

LOOOLOOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOOLOOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOOOOO!!!(honks, blowing his beak into his handkerchief)

I sure hope that something GOOD can come from this horrible tragedy. Hopefully, my new friend Martha from the voter registration booth on the scene of the riots was able to register LOTS of new DEMOCRAT VOTERS!!!!


Also, I'm as proud as a pink peacock to hear OUR MESSIAH BARACK OBAMA call for calm. Why would all the right-wing racist meanies accuse him of exploiting this terrible tragedy? Also, my favorite Black reverend, Al Sharpton spoke for all of us when he said that the looters were LIBERATING merchandise from the shelves!!!


I hear a siren! Back to you, Squirrely.

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