Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Week....On Ferguson, MO

The Obama media isn't just happy to inflict Obama's agenda on America. Earlier this month, The Obama media created a false-flag TV show. We call it Ferguson, MO.

Furguson, MO takes place in Ferguson, a mostly Black suburb of St. Louis. Our story starts with a MURDER of an UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER by a RACIST WHITE POLICE OFFICER. The victim, Michael Brown, was walking home after a long day of shopping for college supplies.

Suddenly, the racist white officer shoots him 6-8 times in the back for no apparent reason other than Brown is a Black teenager. Shortly after, the Obama media cover the race riots that break out nightly in Ferguson, MO.

We meet Percy and his baby-mama Tawanna, who bring their 5-year-old son to the nightly riots, teaching him that white people are evil.

The mostly Black residents notice news cameras covering the riots, and many get to be TV stars on Ferguson, MO by throwing Molotov cocktails, looting the stores, and getting themselves arrested by White cops.

The New Black Panthers join the cast, and call for the killing of Darren Wilson, the officer in question. We meet Martha, who has set up a Democrat voter registration booth on the scene.

Then, we meet the coroners, who determine that none of the gunshot wounds entered the teenager's back.

We learn that the story told by the unarmed teenager's friend who was with him when the shooting happened was not consistent with the coroner's report. We also learn that Brown wasn't buying college supplies....He was committing a strong arm robbery just minutes before the shooting.

Witnesses come out, and tell the authorities that the victim attacked the officer.

Oh, this just in---It appears Ferguson, MO might be ending now that America has learned the truth, but the show has served it's purpose. Distract The American People from far more important stories, and create racial tension. Welcome to Obama's America.

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