Monday, May 12, 2014

The RedSquirrel Confesses: I Am A Racist

The Racist Monster Donald Sterling
322 years after The Salem Witch Trials, America is in the midst of another witch hunt almost as crazy.

Almost every day now, A hysterical group or an MSNBC host charges someone with racism. A few weeks ago, embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was accused. Then, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (pictured) was exposed, and now, they have taken his professional basketball team away over something he said in the privacy of his own home.

The Black Panthers wanted to literally lynch George Zimmerman. Culinary TV Host Paula Deen was also destroyed by the race police.

Other times, charging your opponent with racism is an easy weapon that that can used when your opponent is winning a debate. Making that charge is the preferred manner where a leftist can shut down the debate, then claim victory.

In Obama's Amerika, almost everybody will eventually be accused of being a racist. Your enemies can take anything you have, or destroy your name and reputation. Once your reputation is destroyed, good luck in getting it back.

During the Salem Witch Trials, 20 people were burned at the stake or hung if they didn't admit they were a witch. When someone was accused of being a witch, all the accused had to do to avoid a terrible end was to simply fess up and admit that they were a witch.

So, I've made a personal decision to get ahead of this, and confess:

I, J. RedSquirrel, am a racist.

It is true. At one time I won an argument with a liberal. Off to Sensitivity Training Class I go....

There was that time I was with my escort, and she audio taped me saying that I didn't want her hanging around grey squirrels. Oh crap, they're taking my basketball team away.

I'm a pro-life Republican. Uh-oh, I better go and get my scarlet 'R' sewn on to my shirt now.

I think that That Constitution is a great document. That must make me a white-supremacist or something.

I think that cutting taxes are good for the economy. Uh-oh! Georgia Representative John Lewis says 'RedSquirrel is coming for your old!! He's coming for the weak!! He's coming for your children!!!'

I dislike Black jerks as much as White jerks. Go ahead, call The Black Panthers.

There. Now, get off my back, you unhinged psychopaths. Go take your witch hunt someplace else.

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