Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Angry Young Man

It looks like President Obama has just found out there are serious problems with The Veterans Administration, and he's angry about it. Is it just me, or does it appear that Mr. Obama has just discovered that he's The President of The United States?

It seems like The Messiah is always angry when the government fails The American People, and yet he accepts absolutely no responsibility for anything. He reminds me of that Billy Joel song, The Angry Young Man:

In The Rose Garden stands the angry young man
With his disastrous programs and his radical plans
He refuses to meet or even compromise
He's destroying the country with all of his lies
With his nose in the air he looks so proud
He is insufferably cocky obnoxious and loud
and yet he's such an angry young man

Now it's a V.A. scandal that angers the angry young man
His low-info voters have their heads in the sand
His racist critics are mean to him and being unfair
They're all on his case over Obamacare
It's the previous administration that's always to blame
He knows nothing and all his denials are lame
The news media swoons over the angry young man

Most of us grow up and stop blaming others
And we learn that acting like a petulant brat isn't right
Others still believe, the ends justifies the means
It's seems as if he does everything out of spite

It's off to the golf course for the angry young man
or two weeks in Hawaii to work on his tan
He refuses to bend, he refuses to break
We all know all his cronys are on the take
Now he's so proud of stimulus and Common Core
and he wonders why The Republicans won't cave in some more
Obama is the angry young man

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