Thursday, May 22, 2014

Liberal Weasel Brett Hulsey Weighs In

Among the candidates trying to unseat Governor Scott Walker in The Badger State is a real weasel, Brett Hulsey. The Democrat got in the news by fashioning white hoods that he planned to hand out to racist Republican legislators. Then, he thought real hard, and concluded that maybe it wasn't such a great idea.

Instead, this agitprop artiste donned a grey confederate general's coat to make his point that Republicans are racists.

Hopefully the grown-ups in Wisconsin will tell his childish douche to go back to the kid's table, while the grown-ups are discussing the issues.

We have learned that these weren't the only insulting gimmicks that Hulsey had in store for the grown-ups in Wisconsin.  Here to explain is the candidate himself: 

Hey there, RedSquirrel Report readers,

I am amazed that these Republicans can get so exercised over me putting on the confederate coat. You don't even want to know what I WAS planning. Knowing what I know now, I'm glad I didn't go with teh Nazi guard uniform.

I almost went with the black face and chains concept. Again, I'm glad I didn't go through with it. I wonder if anyone is making Donald Sterling masks. That might be fun.

Sometime before Primary Day, I am planning to put on a hoodie in remembrance of Trayvon Martin.

What do we want? End the 'gun show loophole!' When do we want it? NOW!!!

If I am elected Governor, I am toying with the idea of doing all the state's business while wearing a track suit and geri curl wig. It's time to stop the racist Republicans in Madison.

Maybe it's time for us Wisconsin Democrat Legislators to flee the state.....again. That will show that tea-bagger Scott Walker and his racist friends.

I am Brett Hulsey, and I need your vote.

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