Thursday, May 22, 2014

Al Sharpton: Limbaugh Cheated To Win Book Award

Something happened last week that has the kids at MSNBC quite alarmed. It has nothing to do with Benghazi or Fast and Furious....

Last week, talk radio superstar and author Rush Limbaugh accepted The 2014 Children's Choice Book award for his popular book Rush Revere And The Brave Pilgrims: Time Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans.

MSNBC host Al Sharpton believes that Limbaugh won the book award through voter fraud. He explains:

Dear RedSquirrel Report readers,

As an expert in voter fraud, I am sure that Rush Limbow did not win that children's book award fairly. I bet he registered lotsa dead children, and he munch have also rigged the voter machines.

How munch voter fraud? Everybody knows that that racist kracka hates kids. It is simply impossible that Rush Limbow could win an award because only liberals win awards.

Limbow munch have disenfranchised the REAL voters, just like President Obama disenfranchised the military voters serving overseas. I'll bet Rush hired an army of lawyers to stack the deck against anyone else winning this award.

I'll bet he had some stuffed ballot boxes in his car, and that his ditto-heads voted more than once.

I demand a re-count.

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