Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Democrats: The Party Of Bullies And Bigots

Recently, the hero for two generations of lefty journalists suddenly found himself being threatened by an official in The Obama White House.

Bob Woodward disclosed that someone 'high up' in the Obama Regime threatened him over his reporting of the recent sequester fight. Later, we found out that it was Obama Advisor Gene Sperling.

Other reporters have disclosed that they too have been threatened. Obama officials have screamed and yelled at CBS's Sharyl Attkisson over the phone because of her reports on the Benghazi scandal.

Meanwhile, Democrats of Twitter are throwing racial slurs at Elaine Chao, former Secretary of Labor. It so happens that she is also the wife of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

So, what's the deal, Democrats? It looks like you are becoming just like your leader Obama--a criminal gang of immoral thugs and leftist bullies.

The jack-A$$ Party also have a well-established pattern of threatening Black Conservatives for straying off the Democrat plantation. They engaged in a high-tech lynching of Judge Clarence Thomas, heaped insults against former Presidential advisor Condoleeza Rice, and last November, stole Florida Congressman Allen West's seat.

The Democrat Party is the party of bullies and bigots. In 2008, Our Kenyan Despot promised to bring America together, yet his actions have proven the opposite to be true. They have embraced Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals', as they bully, slander, and intimidate opponents.

They have adopted a 'win at any cost' attitude, and demagogue normal everyday Americans as they heap insults and regulations and taxes on anybody willing to succeed in America.

Obama is like the bully on the playground. Freedom-loving Americans need to figuratively punch the bully in the nose, and take back their lunch money.

To a Democrat, the 'ends justifies the means'. Mean-spiritedness has become their gospel. They're insufferably cocky, while they destroy and plunder every state and city they run.

Do you remember last year, when 16-year-old conservative blogger Madeleine McAulay received DEATH THREATS for merely making a video where she stated that she believes in the traditional definition of marriage? Really classy, Dems.

Two weeks ago, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison had a mental meltdown as a guest on Sean Hannity's program on FOX NEWS. Ellison is a leftist Muslim, so you better cow tow or else he'll go off on you.

The Democrats have a long, shameful history of bigotry. The Ku Klux Klan was formed by Democrats, while the National Rifle Association was CREATED to PROTECT newly freed slaves. Americans would know this fact, but the Democrat-dominated government schools and universities have also become bastions of leftist indoctrination and intimidation.

If the Republicans want to win, they should always adopt the attitude that Americans are Americans. STOP thinking of Americans as an angry, bubbling, thievin' cauldron of hyphenated groups, battling for government giveaways and set-asides.

Think of what would would happen if America was governed by doing what's right instead of pitting group against group. Things will improve when America rejects those who use bigotry and intimidation to pursue their agenda.

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