Monday, March 18, 2013

President Creepy Deliberately Harming America

Question: What does a President have to do to be served with Articles of Impeachment?

Our Kenyan Despot has sold guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers, resulting in many deaths, including Border Agent Bryan Terry. He abandoned four American heroes in Benghazi, then tried to cover it up.

He abuses The Constitution constantly, and is hell-bent on 'fundamentally transforming' America. Columnist David Brooks opined that "Obama governs as if he is from a morally superior civilization".

Now, in the aftermath of HIS sequester, he releases thousands of illegal alien criminals. Obama is using scare tactics and intimidation because he is out to destroy the America that the American people have always known.

His attitude? If those Republicans don't let me raise taxes, I'll deliberately harm the American people. The GOP will be blamed for thousands of furloughed FBI agents, teachers, TSA employees, food inspectors, and law enforcement officers.

Of course, He'll do NOTHING to cut all the fraud and waste in the federal government. President Creepy is STILL sending billions to his Islamo-Fascist friends in Egypt.

He is firing 5,000 border guards, while hiring 12,000 BRAND-NEW IRS agents whose job it will be to harass the American people into compliance with Obamacare. He is cutting National Defense, but rest easy my fellow Americans. He will fully fund his national civilian security gestapo.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul waged a 13-hour filibuster just to call attention to the fact that The Obama Administration had trouble answering a very basic question:

Does an American president have the right to kill a non-combat American citizen without any due process?

Obama's Secretary General Eric Holder had a problem with that question, while The Department of Homeland Security had NO PROBLEM with buying a stockpile of 1.7 billion rounds of ammunition.

Many of us who voted for Mitt Romney saw this coming. Now, many liberals are also seeing it, as evidenced with the fact that liberal groups Code Pink and The American Civil Liberties Union joined with conservatives who stood with Rand Paul. This isn't partisan. This is not Republican vs. Democrats.

This isn't conservative vs. liberal. This is The Obama Regime vs. The Constitution.

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