Monday, March 18, 2013

Assault Pastry At A Baltimore Elementary School

The stupidity found in the government school system in Baltimore took a cartoonish turn recently, as a seven-year old student received a two-day suspension for wielding a Pop Tart that he had formed into THE SHAPE of a gun.

According to a school official, the child broke the zero-tolerance rules by brandishing 'the weapon'.

I guess you could call this "Operation Fat and Furious".

Perhaps you can be charged with a hate crime for biting a gingerbread man's head off, or maybe expelled for placing over 10 donut holes in your "high capacity" lunch box.

Speaking of lunch boxes, if you had a Lone Ranger lunch box, could the principal take it away? The Lone Ranger carried a gun.

The culture inside the American public school is devoid of common sense. No wonder kids hate school. The people who run these joints are nutcases.

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