Sunday, September 8, 2013

Government Shutdown Horror Stories

As some GOP lawmakers attempt to defund the horrendous ObamaCare law, Team Obama accuse them of trying to shut down the government. Of course, Senators like Ted Cruz from Texas insist that the idea is to fund the government while defunding ObamaCare.

Democrats act as if our lives will be in peril if bureaucrats aren't governing our every move we make. It's like Obama threatening the country with sequester horror stories:

Park rangers will be laid off, and hundreds of Americans will be eaten by bears.

Air traffic controllers and TSA agents will be let go, and planes will fall out of the sky, smashing into elementary schools and killing small children.

Food inspectors will be sequestered, and if your child isn't killed by falling aircraft, he or she will be poisoned by rotten food. They will be turned into brain-eating zombies.

The federal government will close down the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials. However, work on the Great Obama Sphinx continues.

The Department of Agriculture will close it's door, so everyone will starve.

Do you remember how terrifying the shut-down of 1995 was? Neither do I.

Enough of the fear-mongering already.

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