Sunday, September 29, 2013

Common-Sense With Sir Charles Barkley

Last February, we welcomed former NBA superstar Sir Charles Barkley to The RedSquirrel Report news team. He returns today with this commentary. Take it away, Sir Charles:

"Thank you, 'Squirrel.

It seems like the knuckaheads are everywhere. After that sicko knuckahead Aaron Alexis shot up and murdered those people at the navy shipyards, Kansas University college journalism professor David W. Guth said that the children of NRA members should be killed.

Whatsthematter with you, you psycho knuckahead? Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? That's turrible.

Then Allen Brauer, Communications committee chairman for The Democratic Party of Sacramento County went INSANE on Twitter, when an aid for Texas Senator Ted Cruz showed her opposition to the highly-unpopular Obamacare. 

Brauer wished that Amanda Carpenter's kids would 'all die from a debilitating, painful, and incurable disease' You need your head checked, knuckahead.

Then, there's that botoxed weirdo Nancy Pelosi, sayin' that Republicans WANT to take food out of the mouths of babies. Why do they keep voting for this knuckahead? She's ALWAYS saying something crazy.

It's like she's an escapee from a hospital for the criminally knuckaheaded.

Not to be outdone, that senile jack-ass Harry Reid calls The GOP 'arsonists and anarchists.' That knuckahead needs to dial it back.

It seems like lots of unhinged liberal knuckaheads say insane, hateful stuff, and they believe that our society won't even notice. Then, they bitch about 'civility'.

That's just turrible.

Well, that's all for now. This is Sir Charles, signing out. Peace."

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  1. That is terrific that you can get sir Charles to throw his 2 cents in here.

    BTW: I am the "Uncle Tim" who was accused of destroying Obamacare by the President because I watch Fox News too much. In fact, I have a Fox News coffee mug that I drink out of while watching Fox News.