Monday, June 10, 2013

The Data Police Are Coming To Arrest Me

Good morning, comrades.

As Glenn Beck states, 'Today looks different than just a week ago'. We are learning all about The Regime's PRISM Program. Obama and his authoritarian snoops are gathering up as much information on you they can.

They are gathering info on everything you buy, everything you text, and everything you say on facebook, Twitter, as well as your e-mails. Somebody is also listening in to your phone calls.

Remember when Dear Leader said that under him, America will be 'fundamentally transformed'? Welcome to President Creepy's Obamanation.

Obama's hero Saul Alinsky told his followers to 'Pick the target. freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it'. The target is the freedom-loving American. Obama wants to make his critics shut up, and make us afraid to say what's on our minds.

If you criticize radical Islam, the Feds might pay you a visit. He has sicced The IRS on conservatives and harassed the free press. The Executive Branch of this government is out of control and drunk with power.

This makes the rabid redsquirrel mad, and when I get mad, I.........think that I'm in the mood for another song parody. Helping me is the legendary rockers Cheap Trick. Hit it, boys:

The Data Police are coming after you
The Data Police are watching everything that you do
The Data Police are monitoring my blog....Oh no

They watch me on facebook, I think they're spying on me
and when I tweet my tweets, I think they're following me

tonight. tonight.

They're up in my face...On cyberspace
Data mining. Obama's insane.
The NSA want to pick my brain

The IRS and the Justice Department is never gonna leave me alone
Even when Obama's on vacation, they will never. ever leave me alone
What the heck are they doing on my phone?
And what are they doing with that database?

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