Monday, June 10, 2013

AG Holder's 'Off The Record' Meeting: We Were There

Attorney General Eric Holder is a reporter-hassling dynamo. He seized FOX NEWS reporter James Rosen's phone records and e-mails, then subpoenaed The Associated Press's phone records.

10 days ago, he invited the news media up to his office at The Justice Department Building for an off-the-record powwow. He wanted to make-up with the mainstream news media that he had been harassing.

You might be wondering why the Attorney General would invite the 'news media' over for a meeting that they could never tell their viewers and readers about. He did it because he's drunk with power, and he's starting to lose his lapdogs.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent was there. We agreed to keep this meeting off-the-record, but he didn't see that I had crossed my fingers. This is what he told us:

I completely support your First Amendment right to suck-up to me and my boss....

I promise that I will stop violating your First Amendment rights, as long as you don't try to write anything negative about Dear Leader.

President Creepy has ordered Holder to investigate himself.

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