Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Tanner Boyle: GOP Advisor

In the 1970's, reporters asked Former President Jimmy Carter's teenage daughter Amy her opinion on nuclear arms. Democrats love to use children to make Republicans look like war-mongering, heartless ogres, so we here at The RedSquirrel Report thought that we would ask a child his thoughts on the issues of the day.

Meet Tanner Boyle. He's an all-American kid who loves baseball. He also has some interesting advice for The GOP.

We asked him if Tea Party Republicans on Capitol Hill should compromise on 'comprehensive immigration reform' with The Democrats and The Gang of Eight. He advised The GOP to tell The Democrats this:

"Hey you Democrats can take your 'immigration reform' and shove it straight up your...."

Then, we asked Tanner what give his advice to a GOP that wants to win in 2014. He responded:

"Y' know, You Republicans would probably start winning again if you would just stand up for yerselves."

Next, we asked him about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and The IRS 'scandal.' Tanner said:

"If those Republican CRUDS cared about America, they'd IMPEACH Obama's CRUDDY ASS."

Thank you, Tanner Boyle.

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