Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Are The Republicans Doing Wrong?

After the disastrous election last November, there has been a considerable amount of navel-gazing among my fellow Republicans. The moderates are telling the Tea Party Gang that we need to be more like our opponents. Some say that our problem is a change of demographics, while some of us believe that if we can eliminate the massive vote fraud, that would improve our situation.

Recently, Republican movers and shakers held a MNGOP Where Do We Go From Here? event, co-moderated by Jeff Johnson and Mitch Berg.

On the panel were Ron Paul supporter Maryanne Stebbins, Sarah Janecek, Dan "Doc" Severson, Walter Hudson, Andy Parrish, and Erin Haust. They discussed how Republicans can begin to win again.

The panel was brilliant, but I have also heard the number one rule of politics is bring your base out. The Republicans appear to have a problem accomplishing this.

Here are some personal observations:

We Republicans have an annoying habit of voting only once, then heading home to watch the results. This has to stop.

If you ask our critics, all Republicans are racist-homophobic-sexist pigs. We need to ignore our critics, and also point out that The Democrats hate Christians, Capitalists, and Gun-owners. Our opponents appeal to THEIR base through hate, and we should hammer them for it.

Our problem isn't that we haven't sucked-up enough to African-American voters. The REAL problem is that a lot of Black-Americans are bigoted. 91% of them discriminated against the qualified White candidate, Mitt Romney. See how it works? Throw it right back in their puking liberal faces.

The most memorable, most bad-ass line was said by Andy Parrish at MNGOP Where Do We Go From Here? He said:

 "There's nothing more beautiful than voter suppression". Just look at how successful Team Obama was at disenfranchising the overseas military vote, and also at flipping Romney votes via the rigged voting machines. Perhaps if the GOP cheated like The Democrats do, the state-run media will begin to care about vote fraud.

To sum it up: Hey GOP, learn how to fight dirty. Stop acting like pussies.

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  1. Those have been my sentiments for quite a while. I knew when Romney failed to attack Obama during the campaign, (and he had so much ammo with which to do it), the game was over for us. We should be playing video on Obama's call for sequestration every day, just to show the libtards what the truth is. The MSM does nothing to show the truth and will not do that as long as it's the left telling the lies.