Thursday, February 21, 2013

Former NBA Superstar Charles Barkley Checks In

Recent news accounts paint a frightening portrait of a world gone mad, what with the Christopher Dorner story, as well as seemingly insane people in the news making absolute fools of themselves. No-nonsense former NBA superstar Sir Charles Barkley checks in with The RedSquirrel Report to comment here. Take it away, Sir Charles:

Thanks, RedSquirrel. My head is spinning 'cause all these knuckaheads supporting that murderin' jacka$$ Christopher Dorner. He was the former Los Angeles policeman who went on the murder spree after he was fired four years ago. Last week, they found him, an' the crazy knuckahead blew his own brains out.

What really torques me off are these knuckaheads on facebook supporting Dorner, egging him on. Whut the hell in wrong wit' you knuckaheads? Then, there's that idiot college professor who says that Dorner is jus' like that goofball Jamie Foxx in django.

That Jamie Foxx is a crazy knuckahead....

Jamie Foxx referred to President Obama as 'his Lord an' Savior.' What the hell's wrong wit' you, you knuckahead? That was just turrbull what you said about 'killing all the white guys'. Racist knuckahead.

There was that writer from Gawker who compared the cold weather with The Holocaust. What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot knuckahead? That's turrbull.

Then, there's comedian Chris Rock, who said that The President is like the daddy and boss of the country. He ain't my daddy, you knuckahead.

Finally, there's the gang of knuckaheads at MSNBC. That brain-dead knuckahead Toure' is ALWAYS saying sumptin' stupid. What a knuckahead.

Peace out.

Sir Charles Barkley

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