Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Sequestration, America!

This Friday, those mandatory sequestration spending cuts hit, and it looks like The Mighty GOP is going to hang tough. If our guys hold the line, your bushy-tailed correspondent is planning a celebration, complete with a descending ball and party hats.

That doesn't mean that the spending cuts may not sting, but it's fun to watch the Democrats make insane fools of themselves.This week, The Sadist-in-Chief sent Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Department of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano out to scare the American people.

Today, mentally unbalanced California Representative Maxine Waters said that sequestration will cost America 170 million jobs.

LaHood warns us that we'll have to wait longer to get on a airplane if The GOP doesn't give in to President Tax-And-Spend's demands to increase taxes. Obama has also threatened us that food will go uninspected, FBI agents will be furloughed, and children won't get their vaccinations.

The Regime is also warning the American people that police officers and teachers will be fired, even though cops and teachers aren't federal employees.

All of his threats haven't worked, so now Obama is deliberately harming the country to force The GOP to cave. He is threatening to fire 5,000 border agents, but will still be hiring 12,000 Internal Revenue Service agents to enforce compliance of his Obamacare. He is releasing thousands of criminal aliens, and many of them are extremely dangerous.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent wonders what will it take for The U.S. House of Representatives to finally get moving on Articles of Impeachment. Perhaps if Our Kenyan Despot REALLY wants to punish his subjects, he could release canisters of anthrax on the general population. He has already directed the murder of hundreds of Americans via his Operation Fast And Furious.

Obama's Department of Homeland Security have bought up enough bullets to shoot every American 7 times, and at the same time, he's attempting to take our guns away.

He spends trillions on foreign aid, sending our weapons to our enemies in Egypt, yet threatens basic government services.

In March, we are marching towards the continuing resolution. What will The Kenyan Despot do to America next month?

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