Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Obama Regime Will Produce A Civil Defense Film

As Our Kenyan Despot travels around this country, and tries to undermine the Second Amendment, normal Americans are left wondering just what will happen to this country if we lose our right to keep and bear arms.

I think that if Obama and the gun-grabbers are successful, the lawless may have a field day. America could become a nation of murder victims and refuseniks, and the murder rate will explode.

Many criminals will make the mistake of thinking that law-abiding Americans will be easy prey, and will be surprised when they find out that many Americans still have guns.

I see The Regime producing a civil defence film, similar to the ones made during the Cold War. The most well-known of these films, "Duck And Cover", told kids across the country to duck under their desk if The Ruskies drop an Atomic bomb outside their school.

Perhaps Obama and the administration will produce a film that tells his low-information voters what they should do if a criminal is about to rob or kill them.

"Cower And Die"

Many of us knew what was at stake last November 6. If Obama won re-election, he will go on a non-stop, freedom-stomping blitzkrieg. He will no longer be worried about his popularity because won't have to worry about re-election.

Yet, the low-information voters and the state-run propaganda ministry re-elected him.

Now, Obama plans to disarm the American people as he sells arms to dangerous Mexican drug dealers while also giving our F-16's to maniacal Islamic weirdos in Egypt.

Perhaps Lena Dunham can co-star with Bert The Turtle on THIS PROJECT.

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