Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is This Obama's "Lincoln Moment"?

On Sunday's Meet The Press, host David Gregory interviewed Our Dear Leader, and asked him about his "Lincoln moment".

Wow. I bet it was real tough for Little Davey to ask Obama to lower himself to mere mortal status, and compare himself to Honest Abe. But hey, we all know that the MSM worships Our Little Dictator.  Perhaps, we should be comparing Lincoln to Obama.

Your bushy-tailed history buff actually discovered some very interesting facts about our 16th President. For example:

Did you know that during the stolen Presidential Election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln also disenfranchised the military vote?

In 1863, Lincoln infamously said, 'You didn't build that log cabin.'

Lincoln sold cannons to drug dealers.

Like Obama, Abraham Lincoln laundered money thru his campaign. He also raised taxes on entrepreneurs, then showered his supporters with money for votes. In fact, Abraham Lincoln invented the concept of 'stimulus'.

During the 1864 Republican National Convention, weirdos ran around in giant vagina costumes, too.

 It's pretty amazing how history keeps repeating.

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