Monday, January 7, 2013

When You Care To Send The Very Best

At, we see hateful libs on Twitter are hoping for hospitalized former President George H.W. Bush's death ('Die painfully': 50 soulless degenerates who can't wait for George H.W. Bush to die) and it's given me an idea.

Is there a greeting card company that specializes in "Don't get well" cards?

A good indicator of your effectiveness as a conservative is the amount of hatred the other side shows when you're either sick in a hospital bed or when you're dead. When Andrew Breitbart died, the left side of the Internet blew up with psychotic liberals celebrating his death.

I didn't even know that George 41 was that effective as a conservative. I guess that 'thousand points of light' remark still angers the lefties.

With Breitbart's passing, the whack-jobs on the left celebrated because their hated, effective nemesis was gone. That's how liberals are. By contrast, when former President Bill Clinton was in the hospital having his heart operation, nearly all the comments in the conservative Internet media were from well-wishers.

That's because conservatives behave like human beings.

But back to my idea. There should be a store where hateful liberal jerks can go and get one of these 'greeting cards'. If for some reason I was bed-ridden, I know that I would enjoy a mailbag full of hateful cards from maladjusted leftists. In fact, I see myself yukking it up with the nurses and doctors.

I believe that the folks at Reader's Digest said it best: Laughter is the best medicine.

I bet these maniacal weirdos would spend $10 for a card that says something like:

DIE REDSQUIRREL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear RedSquirrel, I hope you and all your right-wing pals rot in Hell!

I'm getting a little misty just thinking about it. Maybe we could advertise the cards on Democratic Underground and

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