Monday, January 7, 2013

Al Jazeera Buys Al Gore's CURRENT TV

Al Gore sold his leftist news channel CURRENT TV to Al Jazeera. Your bushy-tailed media analyst sees this as a very good development. If they can put Joy Behar in a burqa, then that would be an immediate improvement. If they can do something about that obnoxious, nasal voice, even better.

I remember when ABC adopted Still The One, which was a big pop hit from 1976 for Orleans, as their theme song. I'm thinking that Al Jazeera should go with something like Prince's megahit.  1999. C'mon all you jihadis, sing along. Here we go:

Now we're Al Jazeera, and we hate the infidels.
We jumped at the chance when Al Gore announced he wanted to sell
Now Current TV is part of our master plan
We televise propaganda against the great Satan

We'll behead the infidels, oops, they're running out of time
and we'll show it tonight on Channel 599

We hate all you Christians and we hate all the Jews
and we have a hateful message that we have to spew
Some come on you Sunnis, and all you militant Shiites
Get your marching orders from AlGore Jazeera tonight

or we'll behead you all, oops, you're running out of time
and we'll show the carnage on Channel 599....

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