Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture

Our Kenyan Despot's Inauguration happens on Monday 21st, and I have a few ideas about how to celebrate this momentous event. I've described my "Obama mask concept" in a previous post, yet I realize that even the most partisan Republican secretly would jump at the chance to see this wonderful coronation up close.

I was just thinking about that climatic scene of Animal House, where our scholastically-challenged heroes created a float for the big parade. 

My idea is to crash the Inauguration parade. To keep Obama's Secret Service at bay, we will need ten-thousand marbles.

But we must work fast. The Inauguration is only nine short days away. I'm working on designs for this float, and will need four or five workers to make tissue paper flowers.

Democrats are terrified of the 'red fringe', so I'm thinking about decorating our float with some nice red fringe, and will probably re-visit the "Eat Me" theme.

If we're not shot by Secret Service, I would also like to spin our wheels over Michelle's victory garden.

If you want to take part in this completely futile and stupid gesture, contact us at

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