Friday, January 18, 2013

Living On A Prayer 2013

In 1986, future Democrat tool Jon Bon Jovi wrote his superhit Living On A Prayer. The song tells the story of lovebirds Tommy and Tina, as they try to keep their love alive during that horrible decade of economic degradation, also known as the 1980's.

Damn that Ronald Reagan.

I often wonder whatever happened to those crazy kids? It's now 2013, and their Messiah Barack Obama has just won a second term. We pick up the story there:

Tommy used to work at the coal mine
Obama took his job. Now he's standing in a line
It's tough. So tough

Gina worked the diner all day
Obamacare cut her hours. Raised her taxes 
Cut her pay. So tough

She said, "Food stamps is all we got."
We blame those Republicans for this tight spot
We're waving goodbye to our foreclosed lot
We're low-info voters
Our futures are shot

Whoa, we're halfway there
Whoa-oh Living On A Prayer
When I see Republicans I want to swear
Whoa-oh Only Obama cares

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