Sunday, December 30, 2012

The RedSquirrel Looks 'Forward' To 2013

In 2013, Michelle Obama will stick her nose even deeper in our business. In 2012, FLOTUS told schools what to serve for lunch. In the coming year, family farms will be replaced by state-run 'victory gardens'. America starves.

As America falls off the fiscal cliff, the American people resort to cannibalism to survive. The real unemployment rate explodes over 20%, and over half the country is left dependent on the government. The MSM has a name for this, The new O.K.

Obama's chief liar Stephanie Cutter will replace George Stephanopoulis as the new host of ABC's This Week. You remember that he helped Bill Clinton lie his way into the White House in 1992.

Seeing what Barack Obama has done to the American economy, Mexico will close it's border with America.

The hapless Republicans will compromise with Obama on new gun-control legislation. As a result, only dangerous drug dealers and members of the Muslim Brotherhood will be allowed to own arms.

In entertainment news, Cable television star Honey Boo Boo will receive an Honorary Doctorate from Harvard.

Kim Kardashian will finally marry someone more annoying than she is----Kanye West.

North Korea sets off an 'Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb', and we lose our electrical grid. Also, all of our cell towers are knocked out. The American people live in abject horror, as we are forced to speak to each other FACE-TO-FACE!

The American people finally learn that our election system is a damned joke. Have a great 2013 everybody!

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