Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barack, The Phony President Of America

In August, I parodied "John, The Phony King Of England", a song from Disney's animated version of "Robin Hood".

In this highly catchy song, Little John and the merry critters of Sherwood Forest ridicule the corrupt, childish Prince John. The scene reminds me of the conservative critters on my Twitter timeline, mocking our own phony King Barack.

My Twitter timeline has blown up with stories of massive Democrat vote fraud, so I thought I'd give this parody another try. C'mon kids, sing along:

Well, history will say how on Election Day
Team Obama committed fraud
And now they gloat how they suppressed the vote
while the compliant media nods
We all know the machines were rigged
Mitt votes went to Barack
The media lies, we're disenfranchised
It came as no big shock

As corrupt as he is inept
We don't know where the votes are kept
Obama is the phony President of America
A pox on the phony President of America!

He sits alone on a giant throne
Acting like he's the king
He sold guns and diverted funds
As Soros pulls the strings
And he stood with The Brotherhood
while our people in Benghazi died
The useless hack, and his lying flacks
They really have a lot to hide

As president he really sucks
The tough questions he always ducks
A pox on the phony President of America!

He taxes us into the poorhouse
and attacks free enterprise
We want to work, but the leftist jerk
wants a government that's super-sized
We all know he suppressed the votes
with the help of leftist hacks
We'll find a way to make them pay
and take our country back

Hey Mitt, we all know you won
overturning this thing will be fun
From the phony President of America
The lying, flying
The vote buying
Angry Nation
Blundering, plundering
Sleazy, greazy
Barack, the phony President of America

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