Sunday, December 18, 2016

And Now, The REALLY Fake News

.....The new unemployment numbers were released today, and unemployment is at an 8-year low at 4.6.%. President Obama delivered the wonderful news at a press conference, where he took the Republican-controlled Congress to task for deliberately opposing his Obama Recovery.

In other news, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads Republican candidate Donald Trump by 7% according to leading presidential pollsters. Later on, our panel will laugh at Trump and tell our viewers that he has no chance at winning the election.

Also, 26 women have leveled charges against that meany Donald Trump. Apparently, he's called some of them names at some time in the past. What's more shocking is that some voters still plan to vote for Trump in November. Simply deplorable.

In truly scary news, Russian Premier Putin has ordered the American election to be hacked. Our fearless president Barack Obama has said that he will get to the bottom of this development. Many Democrats point to the fact that since Hillary Clinton led in the presidential polls, there was no way that the Republican candidate could have won the election without cheating.

After these commercials, our weather god will explain Global Climate Change.....

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