Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 SNL Sketches I'm Waiting To See

Last month, I checked out SNL with guest host Dave Chappelle. I haven't really watched since Darryl Hammond left the show, and I was curious to see any sketches relating to the 2016 presidential election. I thought the election night sketch with Chris Rock was pretty good, but I had the feeling that SNL was still largely a pro-lefty program.

Here are the top 10 SNL sketches that I am breathlessly waiting to see. If the gang at SNL have already done any of these sketches, let me know. I am watching lots of funny stuff on facebook and Twitter, so I haven't been paying attention to network TV:

10. The Hillary Clinton Mental Breakdown On Election Night Sketch

  9. The Vladimir Putin Hacks The Presidential Election Sketch

  8. The Mr. Podesta's Slumber Party Skit

  7. The Colin Kaepernick Riding The Bench And Bitching About Racial Inequality Skit

  6. The Black Lives Matter Skit

  5. The Pajama Boy Skit

  4. Barry Obama Crying Over The Meanies At FOXNEWS Skit

  3. The Leftist, Pro Hillary Snowflakes Skit

  2. The Election Night Meltdown On CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, And ABC Skit

  1. Celebrities Leaving America Because Trump Won Skit

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  1. very clever. I think we may be brothers separated at birth. Keep writing Joe.