Thursday, February 26, 2015

RSR Exclusive: VP Biden Moonlighting As A Massage Therapist

Last year, Virginia Democrat Jim Moran complained about the inadequate pay for members of Congress. In a related story, RSR has uncovered some shocking news, learning that Vice President Joe Biden has had to take a second job.

We have discovered that our goofy VP has been moonlighting as a massage therapist.

The White House Press Corps were meeting with brand new Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, and as the new member of the 0bama administration was speaking, Biden began giving the new Defense Secretary's wife Stephanie a massage.

Many in the alternative news media saw this as the creepy Vice-President groping the seemingly annoyed woman, but only The RedSquirrel Report dug a little deeper to find the REAL story.

It appears that there are many photos of  our 'hands on' Vice President doing this to many women, but as it turns out, they are just customers.

So, back off,  alternative media meanies. The Vice President has every right to make a living.

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