Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In Obama's America

In Obama's America.....

Unskilled professional students, loyal to and dependent on Dear Leader are in. Doctors, engineers, and scientists are out.

Free community college, paid by somebody else, is in. Being responsible and saving for your education is out.

Data miners are in. Coal miners are out.

Americans can't bring peanuts to school, but illegal aliens can bring measles. Bringing any food to school that one child may be allergic to is out. Trafficking diseased and criminal illegal aliens is in.

Coercion is in. Health freedom is out.

Taxpayers being forced to pay for the uninsured is in, and so are special exemptions for Congress and illegal aliens. Working for and paying for whatever you want is out.

Government officials behaving like adults are out. Petulance, acting up, and behaving like a 9-year-old bully is in.

Help for veterans is out. Welfare for illegal aliens is in.

Pro-American Generals are out. Purged. Leftist weirdos, Islamo-Nazis, and suck-ups for 0bama are in.

That's all for now.

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