Thursday, February 19, 2015

Is 0bama Having A Psychotic Meltdown?

As Americans are being be-headed by bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists, our 6-year-old President is taking selfies in the Oval Office and making faces in the mirror for Buzzfeed. While People are being burned alive, this malignant narcissist responds by shooting 18 more holes of golf. It seems as if he enjoys poking the American people with a sharp stick. It's almost sadistic.

In 2012, he successfully stole the presidential election, and keeps reminding us that 'he won the election'. The Alinskiite creep behaves like an obnoxious 9-year-old bully, sticking his tongue out at us while the playground monitor's back is turned.

During the campaign of 2008, low-information voters watched in awe as Barry told us that he will 'lower the sea levels'. They believed he was The Messiah, while many of us saw a maniac having a psychotic meltdown.

Last week, the president made a weird speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he lectured Christians for The Crusades. He has replaced our Generals with pro-Islamic yes men, and trafficked diseased illegal aliens all over the country. His lust for power is sickening.

This author of lies race-baits and bad-mouths America incessantly. Everything he knows he learned in Islamic madrases, from psychotic racist Jeremiah Wright, and his communist parents, grandparents, teachers, and associates.

There's something terribly wrong when the sociopath president cannot feel empathy for all the lives he has ruined. He has charmed and brainwashed his dumb supporters, who probably still blame The Republicans for cancelling their health plans.

The world is burning, and King Nero fiddles with his selfie stick. An astronaut dies, and he takes a selfie. A congressman dies, and he takes a selfie. He even has a selfie version of The Stars and Stripes. His likeness is literally everywhere. Teachers teach little skulls full of mush The Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm....mmmm....mmmm song, and he sees nothing wrong with it. If I was The President and heard teachers doing this, I tell them to stop it because Normal Americans don't worship their politicians.

But Dear Leader sees nothing wrong with it.

It is doubtful if Congress will ever impeach and remove him from office because they are almost as crazy and removed from reality as he is. We should have them all committed.

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