Thursday, February 19, 2015

Here's A Gallery Of Losers Who Never Graduated From College

It was suddenly discovered that Wisconsin Governor and 2016 presidential front-runner Scott Walker didn't graduate from college. When our political enemies aren't robbing taxpayers blind or trying to hide their numerous crimes and scandals from the people, they look for another lame excuse to badmouth their opponents.

These nabobs don't care if Scott Walker graduated from college. They hate him because they fear him, and they fear him because he is proving that you can turn a state around by getting the government off the taxpayer's back. These thieves also hate him because he is doing well in recent polls.

By the way, Here's a gallery of other losers who never graduated from college:

Father of our Country

Arguably, Our Greatest President.

That Guy from Apple

The King of Talk

This Nerd didn't graduate from college either. So there.


  1. You can include my picture in this post.

  2. I graduated from college and I'm no big deal