Thursday, October 2, 2014


Remember Stevie Wonder's 1973 smash hit, Higher Ground? I was on facebook checking out a facebook friend's anti-Obama post, and it triggered this oldie in my mind. I changed the lyrics:

Hamas keeps attacking
ISIS keeps a' whacking
I'll stop all that fracking
Please, pass the bong
Cities keep a' crumbling
My Administration keeps stumbling
Taxpayers keep grumbling
Please, pass the bong
Well, it's only 2 more years an' my regime will end
I got more f-16's and tanks I wanna send
I got plenty of fundraisers and holes of golf to play
So, I'm gonna squeeze in, squeeze in ANOTHER ROUND

Russia keeps invading
Tea Party keep a' hating
My ego keeps inflating
But Congress refuses to go along

Illegals keep on coming
My supporters keep a' bumming
My media keeps on dumbing 
Please, pass the bong.


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