Thursday, October 9, 2014

Can Buyer's Remorse Elect Mitt Romney In 2016?

People are wondering who should be The Republican nominee for President in 2016.

Perhaps we should give 2012 nominee Mitt Romney one more chance, and here's why:

After 2 more years of Obama ineptitude and corruption, the squeaky-clean Former Governor of Massachusetts will be a refreshing change. There is probably 20,000,000 Americans who regret voting for Obama or who didn't even vote at all.

Evangelical Christians should be profoundly ashamed of themselves for not voting for Romney because he's a Mormon. They can redeem themselves by voting for Romney in 2016.

Also, Romney was relentlessly smeared and slandered by Team Obama and the Obama media machine.

Right now, people must be thinking what would be happening in America if we had only elected him. Well, he wouldn't be trafficking illegal aliens all over the country and making American children sick, or selling guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers.

Romney wouldn't be using The IRS to harass the opposition or allowing his Attorney General to become the biggest lawbreaker in the country..

Mitt wouldn't be allowing people with Ebola to threaten the health and safety of The American People.

After two more years of nation-threatening, criminal ineptitude, it would be great to have a skilled problem-solver in The White House.

His campaign slogan can be See, I Told You So.

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