Wednesday, October 29, 2014

For Democrats, Voter Fraud Is A Strategy

For a Republican, voter fraud is a problem. For a Democrat, voter fraud is a strategy. On Election Day, Republicans generally go to work, then go vote, and then go home and watch the returns.

On the other hand, Democrats love early voting, late voting, voting while dead, stuffing ballot boxes, rigging voting machines, voting from home, voting by mail, vote-flipping, registering your dead cat (take a breath).....

Motor-Voter, registering same day, waging 'lawfare', crying 'RACIST!' when they're caught scamming our system, busing illegal aliens from voting booth to voting booth, and disenfranchising our military voters serving overseas.

In Oregon, you mail in your vote, unless you don't. If you throw your ballot away, a garbage man or political operative will take your ballot out of the trash, and vote for you.

Soon, you'll probably be able to vote on your phone like voters do on American Idol.  No chance for cheating there!

There's only six days before 'Election Day'. That's what they call the first Tuesday in November....but there's always early voting. Democrats love this period, because it gives them so many opportunities to cheat.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call them 'cheaters.' I believe they refer to it as 'their ground game.'

On Election night, it always takes the cities longer to report their vote totals, because Democrats dominate the cities, and because they want to know how many stuffed ballot boxes they will need to pull out of their 'close victory.' 

Then, there are those amazing vote-flipping electronic voting machines that will take Republican votes and change them into Democrat votes. Have you ever noticed they never seem to take a Democrat vote and change it into a Republican vote?

If you think your vote was somehow flipped from Republican to Democrat, Just call the mechanic from The Soros Vote Machine Company, and they might send someone right over to take a look at it.

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