Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Nominees For Time Magazine's Person Of The Year

In 1927, aviator Charles Lindberg was named the first Time Magazine's Person of the Year. He thrilled and changed the world, making the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean aboard The Spirit Of St. Louis.

85 years later, Sandra Fluke, a 31-year-old college student is named as a nominee. Her claim to fame is that she publicly demanded taxpayer-funded contraception.

Her parents must be so proud.

Time Magazine's Person of the Year is the individual or group of people who influenced the world-for better or for worse. This year, I nominate a cast of nobodies and low-information voters who appears to have stolen our country away from us.

Along with the aforementioned Fluke, here are my nominees for Time Magazine's Person of the Year:

Julia is the faceless nobody who lives her entire life dependent on Dear Leader. She was created by The Obama Campaign. Within hours of her debut, Julia was banished to The Island of Misfit Campaign Mascots, but remains the perfect personification of how America's Kenyan babydaddy thinks of his supporters.

The low-information voter: This category describes most Obama voters. It appears that many Americans believed the awful economy was STILL George W. Bush's fault. The low-information voter were willing to believe all the state-run media's chanting points.

Well, there are my nominees. It looks like the end is near. Danged Mayans.

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