Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Developing A List Of Reverse-Racial Code Words

Legendary songwriter Bob Dylan used to joke that he was payed by the word. Many people are payed by the hour. MSNBC host Toure' is payed to say stupid, outrageous things, usually of a racial nature.

If he's payed by the stupid, inflammatory statement, MSNBC should give him a raise.

It also appears that he has become the unofficial keeper of the imaginary dictionary of racial code-words. Toure' recently added the word, 'crime', to this ever-expanding list of racial code words!

In the world of political correctness, the speech code rules the day, especially on the college campus. There are words that will get whites (well, conservatives) a citation from the speech police if you're caught using them.

I've decided that it's only fair to develop a REVERSE-racial speech code. These are words and phrases that I THINK racially-sensitive libs and minorities should not be allowed to say in the presence of any Caucasian. At some point, I'd like to introduce this idea to the universities all across America.

Who knows? Someday we will compile a master (did I just say 'master'?) list, and create our own imaginary dictionary.

Here's just a few words and phrases I've compiled thus far:

European-American, punctuality (or 'White-people's time), crackers, honkeys, peckerwoods, skin-heads, or TEXANS....

Hee-Haw, standing your ground, straight hair, pale-faced, colonialism, non-dairy creamer, Uncle Tom, Uncle Sam, terrific grades, taxpayers....

This is just the beginning. I am through being oppressed!

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