Thursday, September 13, 2012

As Obama Fiddled

On Tuesday, Our Dear Leader and his Administration was caught with it's pants around it's ankles, as Islamist mobs in Egypt and Benghazi, Libya rioted.

It was September 11, and nobody saw it coming. In recent weeks, Our Child Dictator has blown off numerous national security briefings. Instead, the Fundraiser-in-Chief has spent much of his time begging donors for campaign cash.

On Tuesday (September 11) Our Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was brutally raped and murdered by a psychotic mob, as Obama fiddled.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a statement. After all, somebody had to. President Empty Chair reacted by empathizing with the Islamist mob. Then, Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied to America, telling us it was the friendly mob that tried to help our Ambassador get to the hospital, as Obama fiddled.

The attack on Ambassador Stevens was blamed on a videographer who made a YouTube vid about Mohammad, supposedly inflaming the mob. The Obama State Department released a statement warning against hurting the 'feelings' of these bloodthirsty animals.

Meanwhile Israeli President Benyamin Netanyahu was attempting to arrange a meeting with Our Child Dictator, but President Barack Kardashian was busy with something REALLY important....

He's scheduled to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, where Obama will probably fiddle some more.

Then, Obama flew to Las Vegas for yet ANOTHER fundraiser Wednesday Night.

Our people are being brutally murdered, yet Obama seems emotionally detached. Even as he reassures the American people that the guilty will be brought to justice, he sounds like a soulless automaton. He sounds cold, and appears to be bored by other people's suffering.

Benghazi burns, Egypt erupts, America is out of work, as Obama fiddles.

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