Friday, November 4, 2016

The Ten Best Reasons To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Election Day is next Tuesday, and Hillary Clinton voters still cannot give an intelligent rationale for their support for her. Many of her supporters say that it's time for a female president, but even that's a lie. Republican candidate Carley Fiorina is a woman, but Hillary supporters would never think about voting for the former Hewlett-Packard exec.

We at The RedSquirrel Report believe in raising the level of discourse. Critical thinking is important, and so is the truth. There ARE many good reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton. Here are the ten best reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton:

10. You believe everything that CNN says.

  9. You feel sorry for everyone caught up in those Wikileak emails and Project Veritas videos.

 8. Your Obamacare premiums aren't HIGH ENOUGH....

 7.  You don't need cheap, plentiful energy because you ride the bus.

 6.  Hillary Clinton stole from Haiti Disaster relief. If she can be that cruel to poor Haitians, imagine what she can do to those annoying right-wingers!

 5.  You also practice satanic rituals, such as spirit cooking.

 4.  You think that Donald Trump is great, big meany.

 3.  You think it's O.K. to raise your neighbors taxes as long as it goes to Muslim refugees and illegal aliens.

 2. Sharia law sounds great.

 1. You don't think there's ENOUGH corruption in The White House.


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