Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Green Day Anti-Trump Song Parody Alert

Do you have the time
To hear us cry and whine
about that racist sexist homophobic Trump?
There are millions of melodramatic fools
who bitch about broken rules
Hating Trump is cool

America is on the brink
Let's burn the kitchen sink
The votes they tallied up
wasn't quite enough
And now we are gonna burn your business down!

We don't want to think
We just know that Trump's a dink
Hillary lost and that's bringing us down
They did it to Al Gore
We'll burn down your store
We love Common Core
We know the election was rigged!

Russian hackers stole it for Trump
We are so down in the dumps
The votes they tallied up
wasn't quite enough
Trump is a Nazi...We demand a re-count!

We are so butt-hurt.....
The electoral college has got to go....

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