Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Things I Care More About Than A Dead Lion

Last month, a dentist from Minnesota killed a lion named Cecil. Our correspondent hasn't yet learned who gave that lion the name Cecil, but he's sure that nobody in his pride gave him that name.

The dentist has been threatened repeatedly, and now, he's in hiding. There is a petition to send him to some country in Africa to face charges for the killing of Cecil.

While there is an international outpouring of grief, your bushy-tailed correspondent believes that there are more important things happening in this world than the killing of a lion. Here are 10 things your bushy-tailed correspondent care more about than this over-reported story:

10. What will happen with Abbie and Ichabod on the upcoming season of  Sleepy Hollow.

 9.  Our veterans aren't getting the care they need.

 8.  The president's horrible nuclear deal with psychotic Mullahs in Iraq.

 7.  ISIS is killing, raping, and torturing 9-year-old Yazidi girls.

 6.  Millions of Americans have had their health plans cancelled because of Obamacare.

 5.  The president is flooding the country with criminal illegal aliens, and it's harming us.

 4.  The creep in the White House continues to threaten our Second Amendment rights.

 3.  Congress continues to act as if laws don't apply to them.

 2.  There is no opposition to Our little Kenyan Tyrant, at least in Congress.

 1.  Our public education system is producing non-thinking, low-information voters.

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