Sunday, August 30, 2015

HEADLINE: Donald Trump Deports Jorge Ramos From Press Conference

Last week, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh talk about the Donald Trump press conference that illegal immigration advocate Jorge Ramos (who also calls himself a journalist) tried to crash.

Limbaugh commented that Ramos didn't wait in line to be called upon, and didn't really even ask a question. He was there to embarrass and harass the candidate, and also to accuse him of being a hateful xenophobe.

Mr. Trump told Ramos to shut up and wait his turn. When the Univision host refused to, Mr. Trump gave his security detail a sign, and had the troublesome pest removed. Later, the candidate did let him back in, and spent five minutes answering his questions.

Rush said something quite funny about this event, adding that Donald Trump deported Jorge Ramos from the press conference. Jorge refused to wait his turn, just like an illegal alien.

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