Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Was The Matrix A Conservative Film?

Fifteen years ago, The Matrix opened in movie theaters. In this futuristic Y2K thrillride, machines use human bodies for energy while keeping them in a brainwashed, stupefied state called 'The Matrix.'

A character named Morpheus offers the main protagonist, played by Keannu Reeves, a choice. Take the blue pill, and stay stupid, or take a red pill, and open your eyes to how the world really is.

I wonder if the writer meant this as a metaphor for politics. Take the blue pill, and remain a slave to the Democrat plantation, where you are used to keep liberals in power. You remain dependent and dumbed-down, like the low information voter.

You believe whatever the mainstream media and brain washers in public education tells you to believe. You're not even aware that you have been conditioned by political correctness. Your government overlords tell you it's good to share, so you believe that income redistribution is the proper function of government.

You vote for Barack Obama, because you want to make history by voting for America's first Black president. You're not even slightly concerned about his background, or care that his closest allies are Communists and domestic terrorists.

You don't even know that his records are sealed. He promises the most transparent administration in history, and you trust him with all of your private information as you eagerly sign up for Obamacare.

If you take the red pill, you may have to actually THINK AND DO FOR YOURSELF. If you want something, you may actually have to WORK TO GET IT.

You find yourself being annoyed by unhinged control freaks, as they demand taxpayers fund everything they desire, while trying to ban everything they don't like.

You open your eyes, and learn that Obamacare is the most horrendous example of consumer fraud in human history, as it violates your freedom. You search your memory, and remember Obama reassuring the American people that 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.'

You realize that he was lying. Millions of health plans have been cancelled, and millions of full-time jobs have disintegrated. You want to warn your bamboozled neighbors, as Obama, his bureaucrats, and his czars lie and cheat with such speed, it almost seems as if they exist in 'bullet time.'

It's almost impossible to keep track of all the lies. You see Obama's blitzkrieg of lies and crimes against the American people coming, and skillfully dodge the insanity as they whiz past your head.

You escape from the stupidity of the government school, and learn about American Exceptionalism as well as our religious heritage. Escape from the leftist brainwashers, and you realize that freedom is worth fighting for.

If we do this, the good guys win in the end.

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  1. Not sure but let me offer this: years back liberal types quoted George Orwell's "1984" like a catechism. They were always with the Big Brother thing - big government. Well guess what, Big Brother is here and the liberals brought him.