Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hey You Two...Get A Room

Last week, Speaker John Boehner was re-elected House Speaker by a slender majority. Some conservatives mounted a challenge to our weepy leader, but came up just short.

There was considerable anti-Boehner sentiment from rank-and-file conservatives on Twitter, after The Speaker fully-funded Amnesty and Obamacare.

Following the vote, Speaker Boehner got some revenge on those who opposed him, removing several rebellious members from committee leadership positions. Then, Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Speaker Boehner a passionate smooch.

He returned the favor, kissing her on the neck. She brought her right leg up, pulling The Speaker close to her.

According to some who were there, Pelosi said something about 'a big gavel'. Several members of The Republican caucus saw Boehner and Pelosi carrying on, and told the frisky duo to 'get a room.'

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