Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yo, B-Hodge Is In The House

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was seen flashing a 'gang-sign' with one of her supporters, and those right-wingers at KSPT News did the unthinkable.

They showed it.

Now, DFL officials want to ban our local ABC affiliate from covering Democrat functions. Dayum, our Democrat friends sure are testy.

All KSTP News did was show B-Hodge doing what she does best.....pandering to her base. She also put on a hijab while meeting with local Muslims. I wonder if local Democrats are really thinking about banning KSTP from their functions because the folks at Channel 5 dared to expose Democrats wasting our money, and this whole 'gang-sign' thing is just a phony, made-up excuse.

Here to explain is our 'Gangsta' Mayor herself, sounding a little more like that rapper Young MC:


This is a warning to you gals and fellas at KSTP, yer way overly zealous
I'm jus' doin' what my voters tell us, I'm The Mayor, Don't be jealous

Hey, there smarty, The DFL Party, pandering just like John Marty
KSTP showed me flashing a gang sign, But showin' that picture crossed the line

At DFL functions, party luncheons, We dream about stone-cold tax suction
We tax you any way we get a chance, We will even try to steal your pants

Tax base leaving, victims grieving, wasted money has right-wingers seething
We'll tax you if you try to move, Go ahead, we're busting you

If you earn it, We want it. We'll take it, baby. We're busting you.

Sanctuary city, The Guthrie is pretty, We will give your money over to Zygi
Take some more for the new Green Line, Spending tax money we lose our minds

Oh by Golly, Hey Somalis, I look like a Muslim dolly
I put on a Muslim hijab dress, Pandering to my base is what I do best

And to-marrow, I'll wear a sombrero, To meet with my voters in Longfellow
I'll come runnin' to pander some more

I'm a good liberal, Welcome Senior'

If you earn it, We want it. We'll take it, baby. We're busting you.

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