Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yakov Smirnoff's New York Report

Our New York correspondent Yakov Smirnoff sends us this report:

Wow, What a city! New York is starting to look like Bucharest in 1989! As you know, Communist Mayor Bill DeBlasio badmouthed the NYPD after four police officers tussled with a man selling cigarettes without paying the taxes. The man died during this encounter, and Bolshevik tools took to the streets, yelling 'What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? NOW!'

State-run news, community organizers, and The Reverend Al Sharpton fanned the flames of anger against the police, and two New York police officers were murdered over the weekend.  

President 0bama responded to this by taking another trip to Hawaii.

I looked at the video of the police taking the man down. If liberals are willing to do this to somebody selling 'loosies', I wonder what they are willing to do to somebody unwilling to sign up for Obamacare? Refuseniks beware!

Leftist tools in The NBA are now wearing 'I can't breath' shirts. Apparently, you can't spell either. Thank you, government schools.

Now, that race-baiter with the huge head Al Sharpton is complaining that he is experiencing death threats. Don't worry, Reverend Al, I'm sure the cops will be happy to protect you.

I wonder if Dear Leader 0bama is planning to replace police officers with his 'national civilian security force'? He's purged America's military, what about all the police across this country?

Here in New York, the police have turned their backs on Comrade DeBlasio. I bet he wishes that he had a 'secret police force.'

That's it for now. Back to you, Little Squirrel.

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