Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Queen Moochelle Encounters A Peasant At Target

Poor, poor Queen Moochelle. It seems like anytime she tries to mingle with us peasants, somebody inadvertently offends her royal highness.

She recently re-told a story about a trip to a Target department store, where an unsuspecting customer was having trouble reaching for a weed-whacker or something off the top shelf, then broke royal protocol by asking Our Queen to reach up and take the thingy down.

You see, the customer must have noticed that FLOTUS was Black, and immediately thought that she was just a lowly employee or a maid on an errand. Maybe the customer in question was much shorter than Michelle, and thought that perhaps even our haughty First Lady wouldn't mind reaching for said item. 

It was unfortunate that the customer didn't recognize Michelle Obama, the wife of Dear Leader King Barry. Perhaps the customer just saw Michelle out of the corner of her eye, and saw long, muscular arms and thought that she was just a tall, black man.

So, whatever you do, don't ever ask The Queen to reach for anything or ask for any help. In fact, don't look at Her Royal Highness directly, even if she lowers herself by going to places where commoners go.

She may be disguised as a Walmart shopper, with florescent pink yoga pants and an oversized, floppy hat. If you say 'Hi' to Queen Moochelle, she may tell David Letterman about the racist who dared to speak to her.

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