Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Walking Dead: A Metaphor For American Politics?

'Give me your money!'
Joe The Cartoonist has gotten into The Walking Dead saga, catching it Wednesday nights on Channel 29.2 here in the Twin Cities area. He thinks that it's a metaphor for politics in America.

The world is wrecked by a Democrat apocalypse, and the living are menaced by low-information, walking zombies. They are animated yet dead, and exist only to sink their teeth into the living.

They remind me of The IRS.

The 'living' remind me of Republicans. They love guns, and spend a lot of screen time arguing amongst themselves.

Moral compass Dale reminds me of Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan. He seems very nice, not wanting to do too much harm to the insatiable, flesh-eating zombies. On the other hand, ruthless Shane reminds me of Lee Atwater. He wants to destroy the zombies.

Just like many people who call themselves 'Republican', Dale and Shane don't get along very well.

Katana-wielding Michonne reminds me of Michael Savage. Both are lone-wolves, dispatching low-information zombies, and wary even of allies.

Darryl reminds me of The Tea Party conservative base. He does a lot of the dirty work that needs to be done. Rick is the GOP establishment of the group.

It would be good if The Tea Party and The GOP establishment got along as well as Darryl and Rick. The Governor reminds me of the evil, sleazy side of The GOP establishment. He reminds me of Thad Cochrane.

Republicans constantly argue amongst themselves about who we are and how much dirt we are willing to get on our hands. The 'low-information walkers' just take and take, seemingly without a soul. They see your wallet or your neck or your arm, and try to sink their teeth into it.

Maybe the lesson of The Walking Dead is that it teaches Republicans that you have to be relentless and ruthless as well as smart, and sometimes you have to fight dirty to win.

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