Monday, November 24, 2014

Red Forman To Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: Congratulations, Jack-Ass

Recently, Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber became front-page news in the conservative media, as several videos of the MIT professor showed us what The Obama Administration has thought of the American People all along....

....that the American voters are stupid and that lying about the so-called Affordable Care Act was the best way to sell it to the public.

RSR Contributor Red Forman is here to share some of his thoughts about this story. Take it away, Red:

 Well, well, well...So, you thought that the best way to sell Obamacare was to lie about it to all the stupid Americans. The way I see it, the only idiots who actually voted for this cluster were the Democrats in Congress. The Republicans all voted against it.

Congratulations, Jonathan Gruber. We took a vote and chose you 'The Douchebag Of The Month.'

I understand that the government has paid you millions for selling this fraud. As a college professor, you don't worry about ever getting laid off or losing your health insurance. Gosh, it must be great not having to live in the real world, you pompous twit. 

Theoreticians like you and Barry Obama live in the world of academia, where progressive jerk-holes smoke their pipes and test their stupid ideas on actual humans. If your ideas destroy a million families, you can just say, 'Oh well, back to the old drawing board, har, har, har...'

You think you're really smart, but I know this kid who lives down the street from me. His name is Kelso. He's a big, stupid kid, yet I am confident that he will someday be a better, more productive member of society than you are. 

You remind me of this douche I know who lives in his mom's basement. Pajama Boy is another over-educated fool, gets A's in all his worthless classes, yet has absolutely zero common-sense. 

While I'm teaching my son Eric how to fix a car engine, 28-year-old Pajama Boy drinks hot cocoa (holding the mug with both hands) and badgers his parents who are still supporting him about the wonders of Obamacare.

Instead of kicking his ass like a good parent would, they will probably turn him into something like you. God help us all.

That's all for now. 

Red Forman, uppity peasant.

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