Friday, November 28, 2014

Ode To Black Friday

Shoppers trampled in their masses
They'll break bones and granny glasses
Watch them break down the doors
Armageddon at the department store

It's Black Friday, run for your lives
Flat-Screen TV's and Ginsu Knives
10% off, must find a deal
Ran over by grocery cart wheels

Oh Lord, Help us

3 women fighting over a pink sweater,
They're in a tug of war
carts crashing in electronics
There's blood in aisle four

Oh Lord, Help us

I got gifts that I'll be returning
Angry customers mad and burning
Now we are standing in this line
Screaming kids drive me out of my mind

I don't know how we survived
escaped Black Friday, but we're still alive
Salvation Army bell now it rings
Store manager laughs and says 'Ca-ching!'

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